Great Ways To Relax

Beauty Salon

A beauty salon is a great way to relax while beautifying yourself. A beauty salon will offer you acrylic nails, manicures and pedicures, and even hair cuts and styles. Pedicures involve soaking your feet in a tub of warm water.

Hot Stone Spa

A hot stone spa is a different kind of way to relax. Applying hot stones to certain areas of the body allows for deep tissue relaxation. It is usually followed by a hand massage, like a Swedish massage. The Swedish massage uses longer strokes and pressure ranging from light to medium to firm.

Hot Springs Spa

A hot spring spa can be either an onsen or a thermae. An onsen is a Japanese hot spring, usually infused with minerals, that help soothe tired or sore muscles. A thermae is the Roman equivalent.

Sauna Spa

A sauna spa is an interesting way to relax and detox. It is a room filled with steam or dry heat that causes the body’s muscles to relax while making the patron sweat. There are many health benefits, both proven and suspected, including relief from arthritis and prevention of Alzheimer’s.

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