Learning Reflexology: What You Need to Know

There are several reasons why you may choose to learn reflexology and enjoy some massage training. The fulfillment and satisfaction you get from helping a person get well is in itself enough. Knowing how your own body coordinates and works is also very beneficial. It can help you treat or manage some diseases very easily. Furthermore, you can apply this form of treatment to anyone including babies and children.

Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine. However, it does not involve the use of medications. Instead, it is a form of therapy that involves manipulation of different parts of the body with nerve endings. These parts include the feet, toes, lower parts of the legs, face, ears and hands.

Learning reflexology satisfactorily equips you with the skills and techniques that qualify you as a reflexologist. You, therefore, must receive the necessary certification and license to practice as one.

Effective learning of reflexology requires that you learn and master human anatomy, pathology, and physiology. This is the starting point for effective learning of the subject. The study of these areas requires that you have some basic qualification in science subjects including biology.

There are a good number of schools that offer reflexology courses in different countries. It is important that you choose a school that is properly accredited to offer training in the subject. Reflexology has come a long way and it is now a well-established career. Indeed, there are organizations and councils in different countries that accredit training schools for the benefit of members of the public.

Although you can learn reflexology online, you need to link up with a local practicing reflexologist to guide you. This is because most schools require at least 300 contact hours for the training for certification. The period it takes to complete the training can be between six months and one year. This depends on your location and how regularly you attend training sessions. Note that receiving certification as a reflexologist does not entitle you to practice. You need to apply for and receive a practicing certificate from either an international or local regulatory body. You also need to secure either a business or operation license from your local authority.

The level of fees associated with learning reflexology varies from one country to another. It can be anything from $1,000 to $3,000. Note also that you may need to pay for use of training equipment including a massage table and chair during practical lessons.

Apart from the satisfaction you get from helping other people get well, reflexology is a career with good pay. For instance, employed professional reflexologists in the USA earn around $38,000 per month. This is according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics 2016-2017 Occupational Outlook Handbook. The pay will definitely vary depending on your location, years of experience. Note that you can be employed to work in a spa, a hospital or any other medical facility. You may also choose to practice privately.

Like with any other career, you need to remain informed on the latest developments relating to reflexology. This is why it is good to register either an international or local reflexology practitioners association. It is also good to continue reading about the subject to learn new skills and techniques.

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